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Create a News Article

A. The wordpress dashboard.

Before you start: Log in to your dashboard.

Typically this will be found on the following address format: https://<your-domain> for example

Create a new post

  1. Go to Posts
  2. click on Add New Post

Navigating to new post from Dashboard

The Block Editor

Editing posts or pages with the block editor


  1. Add Title to your post. This will be the basis of your slug (i.e. title A dog named Desire will most likely get the slug /a-dog-named-desire, this can be manually changed)
  2. Add new Blocks
  3. Add a splash to your post. This may affect SEO and will be the top image on Default Template
  4. Customize the featured posts. This will override the Latest News block which exists on most templates.
  5. Meta Settings. You can read more about it here.
  6. Advanced SEO. Read more
  7. Save your changes. This does NOT publish your changes. To publish, read this guide. If you want to know why we're doing it this way, please read a foolproof's guide to not mess things up